Today Is The Day

Nine months and a handful of days have brought us here. The apex of the wait and the realization of hopes and prayers. For now, the excitement and anxiety build as we both wait just a little longer for the inevitable joy that awaits. God speed my love. Our temporary home until our baby three arrives. »

I Magic

Colleen decided it was time to start potty training Julia. Juju has expressed an interest, but lacked the focus to follow through. That’s not entirely fair; Julia is two years old. A two year old lacks certain requisite personal qualities to succeed: an attention span, fine motor skills, and the realization that not everyone smells of piss. I digress. Initial forays were met with frustration, the liberal use of toilet paper, jaundiced socks, and little more. »

Failure to Launch

I am a perfectionist – in the worst possible way. It is a wonder that you are seeing this post at all. The truth is I labor over each of them (though it may not seem as if I do) for ages. I agonize over small things, the minutae, the bits that interest me. I tweak and pull and preen until the piece suits my tastes and to that end I have a full dozen posts that you will likely never see. »

Yes We Can

Yes, we did. Major news networks have announced, what will become, the 44th president of the United States of America: Barack Obama. I am pleased as this marks the end to eight years of poor policy, stewardship, and a general disregard for civil liberties. I am optimistic about the future and look forward to what it holds for Americans and the country which we call home. »

Harvest of Memory

My great grandmother, May, could feel the weather. My great grandfather, Steve, could read the clouds. I can feel a thousand things but their depth of feeling and connection to their surroundings has confounded me. Our perception of the world around us, of time, is a curiosity. My own sense of time has changed fundamentally over the years: I mean to describe a part of it here. Many find calendars indespensible: it meters our commerce, vocations, and leisure. »