We were on our way home when Grace exclaimed, “I read it, I read it. It says zoo! But the sign is wrong. It should have an exclamation mark at the end because the zoo is exciting.” I couldn’t agree more. »

Why My Kids Are Better Than Anything

People that know me are aware that I am an incorrigible nerd. I am fascinated by things that bore many to tears. I have encyclopedic knowledge of topics that have questionable value in daily life. I have regaled many (family, friends, and co-workers) with my recitation of said knowledge, tickling them with vague anecdotes of questionable relevance. Pro-tip: If you must explain a quip, it likely missed its mark. I bore. »

In The Quiet of our Room

We can hear all of the little snorts and grunts and coos and cries. From a distant and muffled doptone heartbeat, white and grey whisps of ultrasound images, and the late night writhing and hiccups, we have come to this. I am awed and humbled by this creation. Complex and robust in her systems, fragile how she handles, tender and trusting in her nature – we made this. Three have come from two. »


Nora is squishy. Squishy nose, cheeks, and arms. She is long and pink and surprisingly non-squishy in places you would expect a nine-plus pound baby to be. Nora is squishy and perfect in every way. »


Salutations Nora. I waited the better part of a day to meet you and it was supremely worth it. I love you. »