Install VMware Tools on a Gentoo Guest

emerge pciutils mkinitrd mkdir /etc/rc.d cd /etc/rc.d for i in seq 0 6; do mkdir rc$i.d; done File -> Install VMware Tools mount /mnt/cdrom cd /tmp tar xvfz /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools-3.5.0-158874.tar.gz cd vmware-tools-distrib/ ./

All defaults with the exception of: * /etc/rc.d -> location of the rc.d directories * /etc/init.d -> location of the init scripts

When prompted to run vmware-tools-config, decline

rc-update add vmware-tools default

Verify that everything compiles without error. Reboot, and verify that VMware tools are reported as running in the VI console.

Note: This was tested and found working under VMware VI 3.5.x with Gentoo x86_64, kernel 2.6.27-gentoo-r8.