In The Quiet of our Room

We can hear all of the little snorts and grunts and coos and cries. From a distant and muffled doptone heartbeat, white and grey whisps of ultrasound images, and the late night writhing and hiccups, we have come to this. I am awed and humbled by this creation. Complex and robust in her systems, fragile how she handles, tender and trusting in her nature – we made this. Three have come from two. »


Nora is squishy. Squishy nose, cheeks, and arms. She is long and pink and surprisingly non-squishy in places you would expect a nine-plus pound baby to be. Nora is squishy and perfect in every way. »


Salutations Nora. I waited the better part of a day to meet you and it was supremely worth it. I love you. »

Today Is The Day

Nine months and a handful of days have brought us here. The apex of the wait and the realization of hopes and prayers. For now, the excitement and anxiety build as we both wait just a little longer for the inevitable joy that awaits. God speed my love. Our temporary home until our baby three arrives. »